2 hours to shoot

A few weeks back I got a call about a shoot at Radar Lake, one of my favorite places to take pictures. The assignment was to shoot professional skier, Trent Finlayson as he had just rejoined the Radar Skis team. The problem was that I was in Idaho at that time and not scheduled to be back for a few days. After some conversation we realized we would have a two hour window on a Tuesday morning to knock out a few shots as promos before Trent boarded a flight back to his home in Texas. The great thing about shooting someone like Trent is that you're shooting someone in their element - a true professional. I knew that if I put myself in the right position I would get the shots that were needed. All I had to do was point my camera at Trent and I knew he'd provide what was required. I snapped a few shots of him warming up and getting ready, nothing staged, and then we took to the water. Coordinating with your subject beforehand is the only way to go. I told Trent I wanted to shoot two of his ski passes from the shore and then he could take a break while I drove around to the other side of the lake where I would then get inside the water and shoot from inside the buoy. With all the wheels moving in sync that's exactly what happened. We were able to knock out lifestyle shots and two different action perspectives in the matter of two hours. Plus I was able to snap a few shots of Trent, his wife Kara and their baby boy, Jesse. Another nice thing is that within the next few days designers at Radar had put together there promo collage of Trent. Every shoot has it's challenges and I welcome them because it's those challenges that you learn from...but it sure is nice when a shoot goes off without a hitch.