Zombie Apocalypse!


About a year back a friend of mine invited me to take a stab at capturing the zombies he employs at his laser tag warehouse, Virtual Sports.  Unlike any other laser tag facility, VS has what they call "Apocalypse Zombie Hunt" a few nights a week - and they don't screw around.  Whoever is doing the makeup on these people knows their stuff. The zombie's look great and believe me, when you're scrambling through a dark maze with glowing paint, flashing lights, blaring music and sound effects and you come across one of these people, it scares you. A lot.  

For me the tough duty was trying to shoot this without additional lighting.  My concern was that any type of flash would instantly take away the "scare" factor of the experience.  The answer was to pump my ISO up (and thus the "noise" associated with it), as well as shoot with a tripod using longer exposures and asking the actors to hold poses for longer than they might otherwise. Not every attempt succeeded, especially at the outset. As we kept going and setting up new shots though, the process was refined and the results improved.  This is one of the things I love about photography - the learning.  No matter how often or infrequently I shoot a subject, and no matter how comfortable I am when we start, I always learn a little more. It never fails.  By the end of this shoot I had not only learned how I'd shoot this scenario again, but I had new ideas that I can take and apply to a variety of circumstances.